Iceborne has received another event with Horizon Zero Dawn introducing the Frozen Wilds gear storms set

Iceborne has received another event with Horizon Zero Dawn introducing the Frozen Wilds gear storms set

Aloy is not a stranger to cold hunting grounds and horrendous canines. So whenever the opportunity comes about to expand upon the Horizon Dawn collaboration x Monster Hunter, everything will begin to fall in to respective place seamlessly.

The first quest in this multi-part crossover is accessible for the PS4 gamers. It enables the players to craft special light Bowgun i.e. the Stormslinger Prototype.

The said weapon is designed once the enhanced stormslinger in the Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. It is translated in to the Monster Hunter series. All of these iconic design aesthetics of the Banuk tribe are accessible in the game. These include the light blue tones, wooden base frame, feather and certain makeshift appeal.

It is all done to amuse the players with additional insight on the Stormslinger. Here is the Roy Postma Art Director; on Horizon Zero Dawn behind the curtain on the process of creating the said weapon says:

“The Improved Stormslinger started out as an upgrade to the spear that the Banuk shaman Ourea wields in the Horizon Zero Dawn DLC expansion, The Frozen Wilds. For the design, we took the technical parts from that spear and arranged them on a ropecaster framework, which allowed us to plausibly extend its power capacity. Using the concept of “the more power the better” as a guiding principle, we then strapped together additional capacitators and wired all the technological parts together.”

Further he added that, “Another important concept we wished to convey was the humans’ limited understanding of technology; the weapon had to reflect this in look as well as in feel. For the look, we created a very chaotic layout by arranging the capacitators at different angles and snaking the wires all around and through the weapon. For the feel, we wanted the Improved Stormslinger to behave temperamentally when using its charge-up mechanic. The ability to overcharge the weapon causes the capacitators to glow and spark, eventually resulting in blowback that can cause massive damage to its wielder.

The way this game will be accessed is a kind of nod to the material. In Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds the gamers will get to fight a furious canine known as Scorcher. The beast charges up the moves for the fierce attacks.

The new hunters joining in the Monster Hunter: Iceborne Master Edition is looking to access a free update in the beginning of December. More news will come in the New Year i.e. 2020. It will enable you to have access to certain weapons to facilitate you in learning the game.

These are some of the news shared with you about what will be happening in the world. Guest survivors make appearance in the game and contribute in the Full Amor sets for the ones to complete the quest of the event. Let’s wait and watch for the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has Received another Cross Over Event with Horizon Zero Dawn Introducing the Frizen Wilds Gear Storms set.

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