Our Staff

Jason Laing

Jason Laing have been a technology writer for last one year for Chicago Headlines. He have loved technology his whole life. He’s best known for writing articles on Science and Technology.  He wrote some article, essay. He developed some own websites and currently he continuous his work in Chicago Headlines.

Josh Donohue

Josh Donohue can be found writing , designing, and developing all sorts of great content. He lives in Minneapolis, Mannesota. He likes food and cooking it. He loves trying new restaurants and adding to his shoes collection displayed in her living room. After graduation he joined to Chicago Headlines and continuous his work as  a writer

Gary Hays

Gary Hays has been the lead news writer at Chicago Headlines. His passion for helping people in all aspects of online marketing flows throught in the expert industry coverage he provides. He lives in America but now he connecting to Chicago Headlines as a freelance writer and journalist.