GST Payment Public-chain: “Specific Medicine” for Economic Crisis under the Epidemic

The history of mankind is a history of fighting against the epidemic and a history of scientific and technological development. The COVID-19 epidemic had swept the globe in 2020, causing global economic hardship and countless people fought against the epidemic. However, the Blockchain technology greatly played the role of on-chain efficiency (namely its characteristics, such as openness and transparency, promptness and efficiency, and convenient interaction) during the epidemic. The innovation based on Blockchain and digital asset is still comprehensively carried out, and plays a very important role especially in such fields as intelligent digital management of the epidemic, cross-border payment and supply chain financial service.

Now, the Blockchain technology is increasingly being used in the emerging market and one of the primary causes is the availability of liquidity. Furthermore, there is a strict public health target and quarantine guideline now and people can realize necessary contactless experience via digital asset. It can be predicted that this new COVID-19 epidemic has caused many payment service providers to rethink their business and operating models.   

The digital asset is increasingly being recognized to be able to provide the convenience for payment, especially when it is combined with Blockchain technology. Although the epidemic still continues globally, the industry innovators have achieved remarkable growth in terms of extensible Blockchain payment solution. With Blockchain as the carrier, GST builds a new payment public Blockchain ecology, and enhances the payment speed and realizes high reliability, improves data transparency and accomplishes the reduction of long-term operating costs by the technical advantages of the Blockchain (such as distributed storage, openness, transparency and data traceability).

The cross-border payment is a good example. The real-time settlement of cross-border payment is deemed as a business requirement by many people and required by the consumers and enterprises. The GST Blockchain payment solution deeply has solved the problem relating to the cross-border payment and improved the portability and security of currency. GST can carry out payment and settlement in the premise of avoiding various central controls, is born with transnational nature, free from any geographical restriction and anonymous and tamper-proof, and can transfer the fund all over the world within several minutes.

Now, GST is carrying out GSTswap project. GSTswap is a completely decentralized digital currency exchange platform developed based on GST bottom layer. The functions of GSTswap (such as exchange, market-making capital pool and creation of trading pair) are realized by the smart contract. Each transaction is conducted by the wallet account with contract signature verification implemented, thus the record about each transaction can be found on the Blockchain; The market making is free without amount threshold limit. Everyone can participate in it and benefit from it.

Moreover, GST deems that when the financial crisis is incurred by the current epidemic, the DeFi on the Blockchain suddenly rises due to its special properties and functions and will help more people to deal with and even get rid of the crisis influence and become the “specific medicine” for overcoming the crisis, (such as avoiding risk of dollars entering the centralized stablecoins and potential financial needs vigorously promoting the DeFi lending).

There are many folk requirements of avoiding risk from buying dollars with other currencies via specialized channels and converting them into various dollar stablecoins. Because the stablecoin stock continuously increases, lots of idle centralized dollar stablecoins are with huge financial needs. Most of such stablecoins are ERC20 tokens issued via Ethereum (such as USDT and USDC) which is applicable to lending for bearing interest and transaction directly in the current DeFi agreement. As various stablecoin holders realize the liquidity and safety advantages of DEFI’s lending, there will be a large number of centralized stablecoins entering the DeFi lending and financing for bearing interest in the future.

GST also thinks that the DeFi payment and transaction will become the green channels of capital control country. Although the capital control is the requirement of protecting financial stability, it has seriously affected the normal trading and investment needs of enterprises and individuals actually, especially in some countries with relatively backward financial infrastructure, such as Egypt and Vietnam. The capital control will cause the citizens have no access to international financial infrastructure. The country’s financial infrastructure is inadequate, and even the country fails to provide the reliable basic financial services, such as cross-border transfer and transaction of financial assets. The GST DeFi payment is characterized by no border and resistance to review, as a result, the users in the controlled countries can carry out cross-border and domestic payment and transaction, and even invest DeFi synthetic assets to participate in international financial markets.

After each big crisis, some old industrial ecologies will be destroyed and the new formats will appear from the ruins. As the financial infrastructure established on the next-generation Internet, the Blockchain is believed to officially become the mainstream and provide the really inclusive, safe, reliable and reasonable financial services for the whole world after the unprecedented global epidemic+ economic crisis.

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