Gas costs keep on rising, however New Hampshire drivers pay least in district

Gas costs keep on rising, however New Hampshire drivers pay least in district

Gas costs are rising, and specialists say they may remain high for quite a while.

As per AAA, New Hampshire suburbanites are paying 36% more for a gallon of gas than they were a year prior.

“Throughout New Hampshire, throughout New England, throughout the rest of the country, gas prices are just going up,” said Dan Goodman, of AAA Northern New England.

The normal expense for a gallon of standard gas in New Hampshire is $3.29, as per AAA. That is the most reduced cost in New England and essentially less expensive than the public normal of $3.84.

Yet, that is still a lot higher than a year prior.

“We’re paying about 20 cents more than we were a week ago and over $1.20 more than we were paying a year ago,” Goodman said.

The cost of a barrel of raw petroleum is $20 higher than a year prior.

Last year was an extremely surprising year, and that is important for what’s driving the expense now. As the pandemic advanced, individuals drove less, and gas costs declined. It’s altogether different at this point.

“We’re seeing more demand,” Goodman said. “More people are getting back to work. More people are going on vacation. Especially here in New Hampshire, this is the time of year we’re using more heating oil, so that also attributes to it.”

Also, actually like numerous industries, fuel is confronting supply-chain issues.

“There’s a shortage of drivers to distribute this oil from refineries to the various gas stations and other refineries,” Goodman said.

He said costs are probably not going to descend soon in view of the supply-chain issues.

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