NASA will bring Mars soil to Earth, numerous secrets to be uncovered

NASA will bring Mars soil to Earth, numerous secrets to be uncovered

Perseverance Rover will drill the rock of Mars to gather soil samples from that point. After this, these first samples of Mars will be sent back to Earth. In a previous attempt, the rover had failed to gather soil samples.

The SUV-sized rover will gather samples from the surface of a rock called ‘Rochette.’ This will permit researchers to look inside and see if they need to sample from it or not. This rover is moving close to the Jezero Crater. Here the rover is engaged in the search for ‘ancient life’ present on Mars beyond Earth. The Perseverance rover will utilize a 7-foot-long robotic arm to scratch the surface. Simultaneously, if the team decides to gather a core from this rock for samples, then, at that point the most common way of gathering it will be begun one week from now. Perseverance looks at the lower layers of rocks through a subsurface radar.

The rover will currently look for samples on a ridge called ‘Citadelle’ French for ‘Castle.’ This region is around 455 meters from the place where the rover last attempted to gather the sample. Imaging by the rover and its companion mini-helicopter Ingenuity uncovered that the sedimentary rock present here might be too fine to even think about inspecting. As per NASA, the ridge is covered by a layer of rock, which manages wind erosion. This means that great samples can be gathered from here during drilling.

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